My interest in design concerns people’s tactile, cognitive and emotional engagement with their surroundings, with particular focus on their relationships with objects.

I search for fundamental principles in the use and form of objects, paring them back to their most basic elements, seeking an archetypal vernacular from which I can distil new ideas.

My influences are wide and varied and range from the unpretentious forms of British Country Kitchen,  and, shaker furniture to  contemporary sculpture and design.

An honesty of material and construction is fundamental to my designs, simple and unadorned pieces, with a hint of whimsy, revealing their complexity only upon closer examination.

I strive to create quality objects which possess an inherent value that will endure – products built to last, both in terms of construction and style.

I endeaver to minimize waste during production and utilize sustainable ­­­­­­­­ materials and natural finishes where possible.



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